Eat-in and takeaway menu

Why not call in to The Lone Fisherman for some delicious Jamaican delights in the heart of Tooting Market? 

Chris will serve you up a feast, or a snack to tempt your taste buds and satisfy your appetite.

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Main Event

Choose one of these dishes for £10. Each comes with a serving of rice or cous cous, coleslaw, plantain & salad

Escovitch Fish Fillet
light and flavoursome island favourite with scotch bonnet, vinegar, onion & capsicum peppers
we all know & love it - choose Classic Chicken (GF) or Tofu & Pineapple (VVG, GF)
Curry Mutton (GF) with Potato
full of flavour for those who want to be full
Brown Stew Chicken (GF)
(on the bone) with vegetables, in a traditional rich aromatic gravy
Bean Curry of the Week (VG, GF)
a creamy delight with coconut milk and a little scotch bonnet kick
Stir Fry Tofu
with capsicum peppers, okra, butterbeans, mushrooms and Caribbean spices (VG, GF))

Sides & Extras

70p - £5

saltfish,smoked salmon (GF) & plantain (GF)
Fried Plantain (VG, VE)
Mac'n'Cheese (VG) Lone Fisherman-style
but not how you know it
Fried Dumplings (VG)
chicken, vegetable (VG), beef, fish, cheesey beef, Lamb
Jamaican Steamed Greens (VG, GF)
Hard Food
a hearty combo of yam, banana, sweet potato, pumpkin, plantain and dumpling

Sweet Tings & Drinks

£1 - £3.50

Home Baked cake of the Day
Tropical Chia Puddings
Selection of Tropical Juices
Coca Cola and Coke Zero
Still spring water